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Bass - Ryan Harrison was born in 1969 in Thailand. Playing in punk bands at age 14 in Thailand & Malaysia.  In the late 80ís Ryan lived in Tampa, FL where he picked up the bass & played around, opening acts for acts like the Meat Puppets & The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Following the Grateful Dead & Phish took Ryan out of Florida to North Carolina.  Enlightened by the sounds of Phil and Mike, Ryan set his sights on forming a new band with a new sound.  IN 2000 a band called Groove Diggler came and went.  Then ULD was the focus & has been ever since.

This is Ryan with his family when he was younger.  Click to Enlarge

Guitar - Zach Aldridge was raised in Winston-Salem & at the age of 13 moved to China.  The year was 1993 & Zach found that he could not put down his Dadís 1972 Martin D-28.  Zach soon got his own guitar and lessons would follow.  Zach played in several bands with sounds ranging from ska to classic rock to a blues trio called Blue Minds in 1999.  With heavy influences from the Allman Brothers the rock & roll sounds got louder & longer.  Upper Level Disturbance is now the place for Zachís extended licks.

A little Trivia?  Zach fooled the world with this prank. Click To Enlarge

Guitar - Kevin Taylor on rhythm guitar brings a sense of spacey electrified rhythms with a twists ranging from mellow folksy sounds to funk.  Growing up with the local bluegrass influences Kevin has adapted well to the needs of Upper Level Disturbance.  A chance meeting @ Bonnaroo 2002 with Ryan Harrison was the next piece to the ULD puzzle.  Ryan & Kevin continued the musical conversations into the night & now it all revolves around Upper Level Disturbance.

Kevin at a Zoo when He was younger. Click to Enlarge

Drums - David Pugh began singing at a very young age to late 70ís and early 80ís pop music stolen from his older sisterís record collection.  In Jr. High he found his parents Simon and Garfunkel and Peter, Paul, and Mary tapes and began harmonizing to them.  He picked up the guitar at age 12 and messed around with a friend's drum kit during high school.  During high school and college he sang in various chorus ensembles and then his senior year at East Carolina University formed what would be known as Groove Diggler with Doug Spears.  Met Ryan Harrison in 1999 and completed the Groove Diggler line up.  Major influences on David have been The Verve and The Charlatans UK, and of course the Mighty Fishman.  Upper Level Disturbance has given David the chance to explore his love for endless jams.

David almost gave up drumming after this near fatal kick back at ECU. Click to Enlarge

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